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Music is universal but complex and versatile language. After music university diploma, after playing drum set with bands from metal to jazz, after years playing percussion with classical orchestras, after dozens of solo concerts, I believe that I comprehend enough of that complexity and versatility to deliver the perfect drum or percussion track for most of you authors out there.
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Stan Musk
"They would not succeed if there is not a competent drummer, and here they have a superb one!"
— Memo Wakeman,
"It is almost unimaginable what a top-class drummer can achieve with a single drum element - a snare in this case."
— Marko Drenovački,
"The band went for powerful hypnotizing and the drummer was given three short drum solos and an even a high hat solo. Amazing drummer."
— Scott Heller,

Past projects

Classical/folk fusion ensemble Acoustic Project
Psychedelic kraut prog rock Seven That Spells, drumset
Symphony Orchestra of Croatian National Theater, percussion
Crossover and Contemporary Percussion Ensemble Sudar, timpani and drumset
Varaždin Chamber Orchestra, percussion and timpani
Occasionally, classical percussion with Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, Croatian National Radio and Television


is the key"
read the full interview with me at (Croatian language), made before my solo concert at KSET Zagreb.
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